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How financial advice helps create wealth.

An article based on a 16 year study by Vanguard Investments Pty Ltd. Last month I reported on a 16-year study by Vanguard Investments that found a financial adviser effectively adds around 3% to the value of a client’s portfolio over time. The real significance of this is that you can have a finance professional take care of one of the most important jobs in your life (funding your retirement) for very little, if any, real cost.  This can even be [...]

What a financial adviser can add to your portfolio’s returns.

Financial planning has seen significant growth over the past two decades because, as a rule, it works. Unfortunately, there are exceptions that have left the public’s perception of the industry in very poor shape.  Even trust, the most powerful tool a plannerhas is diminishing. Given the following research I can’t understand why the industry isn’t pushing back with all its might. ——————— A 16 year study by Vanguard (latest report from July 2018) has found that this figure is about 3% net added to a portfolios return. This is significant and is over and above [...]

Why digital resources fail to deliver.

Websites can look fantastic and there is no shortage of suppliers of websites, portals, data analysis, one-off experts for SEO and social media. There is also no shortage of enthusiasm within practices.  So why is it that few practices are happy with the results generated by their digital resources? Of recent times, we've asked our clients why this is still the case and we have arrived at some conclusions.  We explain the problem and offer a solution. Digital resources consist of [...]

How to make the most of referral partners

Referral partners are the second biggest source of new business for accountants. However, these groups lack the professional development and coordination to maximise returns. We can help. AcctWeb works with groups of referral partners to develop the revenue potential of their client bases. Often referral partners include financial planning practices, accounting practices, law firms, mortgage brokers and insurance brokers. Acctweb coordinates a group's marketing to maximise returns and professionally manages referrals to ensure there is oversight and follow-up. The overall aim [...]

Accounting and Financial Planning practice case study: How to make digital resources work?

This client (who has some 35 staff across two offices) employs AcctWeb’s premium digital marketing service.  They have tried for many years, using newsletters in the main, to supply more to their clients and to enhance communications and client experience.  The results have been poor and they feel readership, and therefore value, has dropped to almost nothing.  They have also tried a number of other strategies such as sales training, social media and SEO but none have delivered. They now [...]

Why are articles better for developing client potential than Newsletters?

After years of comparing how practices use newsletters and articles to help develop the potential in their client base the results are more than interesting.  Time and again newsletters do no more than transfer information to clients but in recent years clients have changed quite a lot.  Newsletters may have been OK when they were printed and sent but that 'habit' has severely hampered the use and benefits of new technologies. Newsletters make the practice feel happy because they've done [...]

Outsourcing a practice’s marketing is proving a winner.

Just one example: 1,400+ page hits by clients in just 8 weeks.  Previously the client generated almost no response to their newsletter update e-mails.  1,400+ hits generate in just 8 weeks. That's over 1,400 opportunities to educate, communicate, promote a brand, build relationships, promote services, and generate turnover plus it is a great start at developing their clients into their best 'sales people'. To be this successful you need a reasonably good website, several areas of interactivity, and a professional who knows [...]