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Why websites underperform

Why websites underperform

The answer is poor planning and the resultant poor usage of the technology.

Website Phases so far:

  • Having just a website – fails as Advisers do not have the time to use it.
  • Adding content services – a better solution but still limited.
  • The final piece – understanding your marketing planning and where a website based solution can help implement your marketing strategies. Better planning is starting to work but of 160 Adviser and Accountant attendees at our seminars only 3-4 actually did any structured marketing planning. Failure to plan means a failure to use the technology.

Some examples because of a failure to use the technology.

1. Winning, holding and generating business from Corporate Super clients and then keeping other Advisers away.

Success here is limited to a few and having just a website has done nothing to help. However, if you plan to access this segment then a website, some mini-sites, and some sub-domains are needed.

2. Greater penetration of a client database is a good strategy but in most cases is only given lip service. However, if planned then this can be a ‘goal mine’. The website structure needed is a website, several interactive content services and e-mail addresses. The latter has always been an Achilles heel of the implementation of this strategy but if you plan to get them you will benefit. For example, we know of a return of 85% when clients in the lesser known parts of your database are asked for their e-mail addresses. No other marketing effort will produce anything like this potential.

3. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has always delivered Advisers less than expected even after significant amounts of money is spent. The issue isn’t that SEO doesn’t work as a strategy, it’s more that it simply can’t generate the numbers and quality of potential new clients a Practice needs to grow. It can contribute, but at best what is generated will still only be some 10% to 15% of what is sought and often at the expense of the Practice’s entire marketing budget.

In any case, a well built website with a CMS capable of helping with SEO work is definately needed. AcctWeb supplies such products.

AcctWeb has developed, found or built what is needed to implement marketing strategies.

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