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Author - Peter

Outsourcing a practice’s marketing is proving a winner.

Just one example: 1,400+ page hits by clients in just 8 weeks.  Previously the client generated almost no response to their newsletter update e-mails.  1,400+ hits generate in just 8 weeks. That's over 1,400 opportunities to educate, communicate, promote a brand, build relationships, promote services, and generate turnover plus it is a great start at developing their clients into their best 'sales people'. To be this successful you need a reasonably good website, several areas of interactivity, and a professional who knows [...]


Ransomware – BEWARE!

In our role as a domain hosting company we see much of the dark side of the Internet including hacking, viruses and server attacks. Of these, Ransomware is one of the worst and most insidious. However, if attacked and if you’re quick to shut down your computer (even pull the power cord out if need be) then you may be able to avoid issues even if the ransomware encrytion process has started. To most of us an e-mail, with an attachment [...]

Why websites underperform

The answer is poor planning and the resultant poor usage of the technology. Website Phases so far: Having just a website - fails as Advisers do not have the time to use it. Adding content services - a better solution but still limited. The final piece - understanding your marketing planning and where a website based solution can help implement your marketing strategies. Better planning is starting to work but of 160 Adviser and Accountant attendees at our seminars only 3-4 actually did [...]

7 Ways

This important information, and more, is available in AcctWeb's new Online Marketing Consultant (OMC) service. Click here to ask for more information. The OMC is included in Bundle subscriptions. * Do nothing (no site) or very little (an old outdated site). By 2015 every practice should have a relatively new website to ensure the practice looks up-to-date, clients see their advisers using technology, a good impression is given to potential clients, and it will help with searches in Google. Business [...]