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Database Analysis, Valuation and Development

The greatest asset you have is your client database yet almost every practice fails to develop systems to realise the potential locked up in this resource.  Potential in the form of extra value through extra services:

  • extra services per client;
  • access to clients’ networks (something that can increase potential several times and gain access to a pool of younger clients); and
  • more from referral partners.Solved maze puzzle

Analysing your data is the first step and more on what’s involved is set out below. The software used is powered by FACTS Online.  This analysis allows the proper alignment of what you can supply a client compared to what they should have given their age and situation. You can become the hub of all their financial services needs.

Almost 100% of new business in every practice comes from client referrals yet rarely have we seen a practice able to devote the time and expertise needed to turn this organic flow into a professionally developed long term source of business growth and development.

Practices are beginning to look at adding extra marketing staff but unless carefully considered this can lead to the same type of waste experienced with investment in this area when websites first emerged.  Unless properly planned much of this investment will be wasted.  Outsourcing these tasks to us will provide the time and expertise you need to get the job done and at an affordable cost.

All you need do is contact us and ask for a quote or phone call.

How it works (data from almost any practice management software can be used including Xplan, MYOB, Handisoft, XERO and Reckon).

The software:

  • identifies strategies that can be implemented – something we can help with as you can outsource such tasks to us – read more on this here
  • develops a value for the potential in your client database that adds directly to the value of your practice
  • start a process of communication and education that provides long-term strength and growth to your business.

6 Step Data Analysis and Marketing Solution

Step 1: CleanUp Engine (software)

Positioning:  The higher the quality of your client data, the more visibility one has over the client and their extended family relationships. The more visibility one has over these relationships the easier it is to service the client, and through this generate new business opportunities.


  1. Complete the raw client data export process. FACTS Online can process raw client data from any practice management system or even multiple practice management systems simultaneously. Myob and xplan for example.
  2. FACTS Online CleanUp engine processes the raw client data to build client profile charts and uncover all major data legacy issues.
  3. The firm works through the CleanUp process to resolve their legacy client data issues.
  4. FACTS Online implement the core alignment process. This ensures that the firms online portal is aligned with their core practice management system.

Outcome:  Accurate, relationship driven, professional service based client data.

Step 2: Existing Business Alignment

Positioning:  To uncover new business potential we first need to work out where the firm’s existing business activities are located. When a client is in receipt of one professional service type within their assigned client profile set, the portal identifies the remaining professional service types as new business potential.


  1. Standardize and align the firm’s professional service types.
  2. From the portal download the firm’s dynamic profiles and services template.
  3. Populate this template and import back into the firm’s portal.

Outcome:  Completion of the firm’s professional services matrix. This matrix outlines where the firm’s existing business is located.

Step 3: Strategy

Positioning:  The strategic module unlocks the value of your client database by quantifying new business opportunities within your client relationships. This module provides your firm with research based marketing strategies.

Process:  The process starts from the professional services matrix chart, drilling down into each professional service type to separate existing business from new business potential.

Outcome:  Identifies target markets. Within these target markets new revenue opportunities reside. This process can be centralized from head office so that marketing collateral can be reused and distributed across multiple practices.

Step 4: Referral Partner Registration

Positioning:  Formalise your referral partner network. Referrals can be internal or external. Internal referrals are directed towards your internal staff members. External referrals are directed outwards to the assigned, registered referral partner.


  1. Register all of your firm’s referral partners.
  2. Bind professional service types to registered referral partners.
  3. Manage the entire referral process, including client consent, secure communications, notes, expected completion date and document sharing.
  4. FOFA and APES 230 compliant – the audit trial tracks the entire process.

Outcome: The portal has been designed to facilitate a natural referral process. This means that when a client need is recognized referring this client to a referral partner is simple and easy, to the point where it becomes a part of the firm’s daily business activities. This formalises and supports referral and collaborative relationships, and in doing so generates new revenue streams for the firm.

Step 5: Electronic Direct Marketing (EDM)

Positioning:  Electronic direct marketing (EDM) is used to target sections of the firm’s client base. It focuses on building client relationships and through this generating new business opportunities. It is an increasingly popular communication channel that uses email to deliver branded, tailored content to target audiences. EDM matrixes enable a high level of instant measurement by tracking: number of opens, email responses, bounced email addresses and client interactions.

Process:  The EDM module is fully integrated with the client database. This means that the firm can send tailored content to each segmented section of their client base.

Outcome:  Deeper client relationships and increased new business opportunities.

Step 6: Launch Vault

Positioning:  Professional service based businesses generate and handle confidential documents for their clients. Position your firm in the centre of your client’s financial universe by managing and securely storing these documents in one easily accessible location.


  1. All clients automatically receive an inbuilt secure client portal vault account.
  2. EDM (Electronic direct marketing) – Use the EMD module to send clients their custom account details.

Outcome:  The vault provides a long term digital storage communication link with your clients and their families.

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