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Outsource part or all your Digital Marketing


Just one example:

1,400+ page hits by clients in just 8 weeks.  Previously the client generated almost no response to their newsletter update e-mails.  1,400+ hits generate in just 8 weeks.

That’s over 1,400 opportunities to educate, communicate, promote a brand, build relationships, promote services, and generate turnover plus it is a great start at developing their clients into their best ‘sales people’.

To be this successful you need a reasonably good website, several areas of interactivity, and a professional who knows accounting to make it happen.

This is great stuff and is what can be done after years of frustrating under-performing and lost opportunities from just having a  website, or doing some SEO, or running an unsuccessful social media campaign,  or using existing staff to do your marketing, or relying on just sending newsletter.

Our way works, is very cost effective, starts developing the potential in your client base (a vast resource in many cases), and finally gets a very important job done.

You outsource your IT and some other services.  Why not outsource an equally important task, your marketing and client development, to experts as well, us.  If done properly the potential in your client base can be 3-4 times more than it is now.

Limited time is the main reason websites have generated less than hoped for returns over the past decade.  Expertise is another reason.

We have the time and expertise and employ it to help realise the potential in your client database, the networks of your clients and your referral partners.  Click here for a power point presentation.

Click here to download a Presentation on this topic to your computer.

In part:

We can complete some simple tasks for you.  For example, we can simply ensure one or two marketing related e-mails are sent every month to all clients to strengthen communications and promote an event or service.

Another example would be a campaign with 3 month cycles. In this case there are 3-4 landing pages developed (landing page examples), clients are entered into a professional e-mail system, e-mails are written, campaigns run, results monitored.

The upside is that with regular marketing comes regular enquiries.  It also educates your clients so they can recommend you more often to their network – the latter will increase the potential in your client database by 3-4 times.

The best thing about this option is that the job gets done, in the past many practices wanted to do more but have never actually achieved that end. We fix this in one go.

Or In total:

Outsource the valuation and marketing to the opportunities that process throws up. There is a significant process for the valuation and opportunity identification because the client data of many practices is quite incomplete, missing information such as e-mail addresses (an e-mail address is like money in the bank). Once opportunities have been identified (estate planning or TTR for example) then this service completes the marketing. Also included is SEO work and social media suggestions. The aim here is to build on what has always happened, 90 – 100% of new business comes from existing clients and referral partners but what happens organically is only the tip of the iceberg – we help develop the rest.

Develop Database Potential